Leto Update: Jan 31

Tracking malware on Web3 at scale, Leto Platform updates, ETH Denver Side Event!

Leto Update: Jan 31

🌐 Leto Overview

The past few weeks at Leto have been focused on improving the Leto platform and scaling our Malware Analyzer.

We are co-hosting a Filecoin ecosystem showcase event at ETH Denver 2024 with the Filecoin Foundation! Learn more and register here.

🖥️ Malware analyzer available at Leto

The Leto Malware analyzer now accepts log files and csv files to enable large scale file scanning. This proves a path to faster and more efficient means of scanning ecosystem partner data for harmful malware within their systems. Login at Leto.gg and upgrade to a Business plan for access. Message us to try it out for free at !

Read more in the docs.

Input an IPFS CID or a log file/csv file and Leto will return a risk score for each file. A file with a score of 10 is the most likely to be malware or another type of malicious content. For users who input a log file or csv file, you will receive an email report with your files and their scores.

We are prioritizing the automation of harmful content being removed/redacted from public sites while also adding to the IPFS BadBits registry with our findings and supporting evidence. The team is excited to scale and help our friends run safer systems while making it simple and easy for them.

⚒️ Leto Platform Updates


We are currently undergoing a refresh of the Leto Dashboard. The relentless Yasir Nadeem has pushed an amazing through-built User Interface. Leto "Pro" and "Business" services are available under "Account Details".

Alex and I to continue to push the next round of updates!

Website Refresh

The Leto website was refreshed with updated info about the Malware Analyzer! There is an added pricing section to better display our products.

💡Filecoin Orbit event at ETH Denver!

The Leto team is super excited to co-host the Filecoin Orbit Ecosystem Showcase and Happy Hour with the Filecoin Foundation at ETH Denver 2024. This will be a side event for the community to come together in a more intimate setting to share ideas, demo products, and grow together. Register for the event a filecoindenver.io!

The first 100 audience members who arrive at the venue will receive a limited edition Filecoin Plush Skiing Corgi, which was named the "best merch at World Economic Forum Davos 2024" by Axios. Ecosystem companies will present lightning talks and demos with a happy hour to end the day!


5:30 PM - 6:00 PM - Lightning Talks by IPC, Huddle01, Wanxiang Blockchain Group, Leto, and other teams in the Filecoin Ecosystem.

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM - Demos by Tableland, Banyan, and Glif

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM - Open Bar Happy Hour and Networking Reception, food will be served.

The Filecoin Orbit Community Program is a group of volunteer Ambassadors who host Filecoin meetups and hackathons, publish educational materials about Filecoin, and build software using Filecoin, IPFS, or FVM. Read more at austinorbit.io!

💬 Come talk with us!

Interested to learn more? Check out more blog posts and the Leto docs.

Contact us at or follow on X/Twitter@LetoDev