Leto Update: Mar 11

Orbiting ETH Denver, Community!, Leto Updates

Leto Update: Mar 11

🌐 Leto Overview

Over the last month, our team has been focused on community! Gathering feedback from current IPFS analytics/malware analyzer users has helped us to push updates improving the end-user experience.

Thank you to users and community members who gave feedback and contributed to this effort!

🌲Orbiting ETH Denver 2024

In collaboration with the Filecoin Foundation, Leto, and Filecoin Orbit Austin, our team hosted an ecosystem showcase during the chaos of ETH Denver! The event saw over 150 attendees with speakers from 10 teams. Filecoin Orbit ambassadors from 4 continents were represented!

Leto co-founder, Logan presented at the showcase focusing on "why privacy preserving tooling is needed to protect open P2P networks". He highlighted issues faced by the traditional web with regards to malicious content and how these issues have spilled over to the open web.

"The Open Web faces similar challenges with malicious content like phishing websites and malware as the internet itself... we can do something about this!" - Logan Lentz, CTO Co-founder & Leto

The event had an incredible lineup of speakers and sponsors including Tableland, Nodle, Huddle01, and more. Juan Benet, CEO and founder of Protocol Labs, was gracious enough to help close our event with an impromptu AMA!

The Filecoin Orbit Community is a group of volunteer Ambassadors who host Filecoin meetups and hackathons, publish educational materials about Filecoin, and build software using Filecoin, IPFS, or FVM.

Apply to become a Filecoin Orbit Ambassador for your community here! Read more at austinorbit.io!

👫 Community!

Over 10,000 builders, users, and investors converged at ETH Denver 2024 for a week of collaboration. The open web and decentralized physical infrastructure networks took center stage alongside many other important innovations. Our team greatly enjoyed connecting with Open Web builders and companies looking to adapt their tech stack!

Leto co-founder, Alex presented the Leto platform and roadmap at the Filecoin ETH Denver booth! This talk highlighted the Leto Malware Analyzer and how the toolset was scaled up for enterprise level throughput.

Early in the week, our team attended the Workable Web3 Summit. We presented the Leto platform and our roadmap. Thanks to the Workable team for an awesome event!

⚒️ Leto Platform Updates

The Leto platform continues to push automated tooling and increased scale with the Leto Malware Analyzer. Updates include automated email reporting for large scale users, improved developer on-boarding, as well as horizontally scaling our Malware Analyzer for improved performance.

Try the Leto Malware analyzer at Leto.gg. Login and upgrade to a business account!

Contact us for free access at . Dive into the Leto Malware Analyzer docs here.

💬 Come talk with us!

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