Analytics built for IPFS

The core values of Leto Analytics

Analytics built for IPFS

Privacy-preserving analytics

In the rapidly evolving world of the web, it's crucial to learn from the missteps of the past. With IPFS and Filecoin, we have a chance to rebuild the web to benefit humanity. As we push the development of analytics for the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), it is important to avoid recreating the same problems that exist with current analytics systems.

The future of analytics does not need to come at the expense of user privacy. As the world continues to wake up to the problems of conventional analytics, a paradigm shift is on the way.

Developers in the IPFS ecosystem are aware of the limitations and risks associated with conventional web infrastructures. Hence, reverting to traditional analytics tools isn't always their preferred choice. Enter Leto: we offer an insight-driven approach, providing information about content on IPFS without compromising user privacy.

Although when using the service, your IPFS analytics are stored on our cloud server, all analytics data generated by the system is anonymized, aggregated, and open to the public.

At Leto, our solutions are anchored in a clear set of values:

1) Transparency

The mechanisms used in Leto Analytics must be clearly communicated. Read more about how Leto works in our docs here. Additionally, every line of Leto's production code is open source on the Leto Github, inviting peer reviews and fostering trust.

2) User Control

Our analytics dataset is publicly accessible, allowing developers and end users to easily download their data anytime through our dedicated Analytics API. End users can access their analytics allowing devs to be fully transparent with the analytics they are collecting.

To avoid becoming a gatekeeper of this system, the Leto gateway and Analytics API are free to use (with rate limits). Leto provides a paid version of the system with dedicated gateways and additional tooling for teams looking to use Leto at scale.

3) Anonymization

All analytics data collected and made accessible via the Analytics API is anonymous. This allows us to provide an open data set while maintaining user privacy.

Adhering to a minimalist ethos, we ensure data collection remains streamlined, capturing only what's absolutely essential and making sure the data is easy to understand.

4) Accountability

Leto is an open source, community-driven tool set. At the heart of our mission, we are committed to an open dialogue about our processes. It's crucial that we clarify the nature of the data collected and the manner in which that data is used.

Frequent intervention and optimizations are essential. Leto could not have made it this far without the community. We believe the internet should not be controlled by the individuals who run it, but by the people who use it.

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Check out and the Leto docs to learn more!